Sonntag, 14. September 2008

Get involved in TED Prize wishes

Zitat aus tsp-blog v. 12.9.2008

Get involved in TED Prize wishes: NEXT EINSTEIN + Once Upon a School

At the heart of every TED Prize is a wish … a wish to change the world. These inspiring projects, large and small, offer so many ways to take part, either with a donation or a powerful action. See the full list of TED Prize wish projects — and a few samples:


Neil Turok’s wish is, quite simply, a game-changing plan for science education in Africa. Check out and help him open 15 math and science academies across the continent, offering scholarships to Africa’s best and brightest.

Once Upon a School

Get involved in Dave Eggers’ wish, Once Upon a School, and you could win a pass to TED2009! Create a volunteer project for your local public school, and sign up at to share your story.

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